M.Sc. Dissertation Examples

The best way for post-graduate students to visualize their final deliverable (i.e. their dissertation) is to actually get hold of two or three works from others who did brilliantly. I have been meaning to put these online for ages. Two important differences to your own volume could be the number of ECTS (this affects the level of detail) and the study programme (this affects the word count and general submission regulations).

So here you go. Below please find three “distinction-quality”, 60 ECTS, M.Sc. in AI dissertations from Etienne, Kenneth, and Joseph (all brilliant ex-students of mine). Two of these dissertations (Joseph and Etienne) resulted in publications. Note that these dissertations were submitted for the M.Sc AI programme at the University of Malta, but will still help you get a feel for what is required (and excellency).






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